Intentional Year Life Coach

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A 15 minute or less, once a week, virtual coaching program your wallet will love!

Everyone needs a coach, but not everyone has the time or money to hire the traditional one. And that's why we created The Intentional Year Virtual Life Coach. This program will guide you through an Intentional path to becoming the best version of yourself possible on your terms. 


    Weekly Video Coaching
    15 Minutes or Less
    Pre-recorded (Start Anytime)
    Guest Coaches
    Delivered via Text or Email
    Access to Email Coaching
    Life and Business Success Tools
    Member Discounts (onLY Products)

    Discover the you... That you were ment to be

      • Every week you'll receive a video coaching session that's 15 minutes or less (including activities) and pre-recorded so you can watch when you're ready!

        Each coaching session builds on the next to help you shape the "you" you want to be. 

      • Each coaching lesson is sent via text and email so you can always have it at your fingertips. 

        Life is busy, but the Intentional Year Coach makes it convenient to move forward to becoming the best version of yourself possible. 

      • Coaching sessions include life planning and business planning tools to help you succeed after the lesson. 

        This program helps you change the way you live, so you can change the life you have. 

      • As a part of this program, you'll always be the first to know about about special events and opportunities to continue to grow into the life you've alway wanted. 

        ... And as a part of this program you'll receive special incentives on new programs and products as they become available.