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Daily Action Planner

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A 1-page daily productivity planner that will help you win each day with 4 simple steps. 

Everyday we're writing a page in the story of our year, which is ultimately writing a page in the story of our life. What you do today matters.. So make sure you do what matters. This planner helps you prioritize what matters and create a focused plan for getting it done. It’s as simple as 4 daily steps:

The goal was to create the most effective daily planner on the market and we did it by creating the most focused planner on the market.

Complexity is the enemy of productivity. There are many great planners on the market, but let’s be honest life doesn’t always give us enough time to wade through all of the complexity that comes with them. This planner is for the mom, dad, business person that find themselves juggling life, work, and looking for a simple solution to stay focused and productive. 



New Design
Premium Binding
Undated (start anytime)
Daily Tear-Off Sheet
3 month weekday supply
8.5 x 11 (Fits Standard Folios)
Paper Airplane Compatible

1 Page, 4 Steps... To being the most productive version of yourself

    • Rhythms help keep us focused and productive during the day, especially when there’s a lot to accomplish. Consider starting and ending your day with a simple routine that prepares you to tackle the big items on your list. For example, every morning you might workout, meditate, define priorities, check email, and start your most important task. Try different things until you find a rhythm that works for you.



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Surprisingly effective

The worst thing about a To Do list is how overwhelmed you feel after you've done one. This format is freeing in that you are consciously choosing what's most important. You're consciously delegating what you can. The best part for me is the quick wins. How often do you have 20-30 min before your next meeting begins and you think, that's not enough time to start a big project? It's tempting to get distracted with an online rabbit hole instead. It's refreshing to have a ready list of quick tasks you can do in those in-between times. The pages aren't dated, so if you only use it a couple times a week, that's fine. For me, this format helps keep things in focus. I use daily rhythm to record meeting times rather than a morning wind-up or evening wind-down routine. That helps me see what blocks of time I have for individual work and be slightly more realistic about what's possible in those blocks of time.

Jennifer H.
United States United States

Keeps Me on Track!

As a part-time work-from-home homeschooling mom of 3 who also helps run a small ministry, you could say I wear a lot of hats. What I love about this planner is that it helps me organize my day without feeling like I am being pulled in one hundred different directions. I start most days with my morning rhythm: work out -< quiet time -< write out to-do-list -< start homeschool. Once our homeschool morning is finished and I have had a short brain break to do something that fills me up, I move into my single most important work task of the day. From there I work down the list through the next tasks, and when my job tasks are complete, I can tackle one or two quick admin items on my quick wins list for ministry. It works for me, and it really is nice to just tear off the sheet at the end of the day when my work is complete.

Sarah H.
United States United States

So good

This planner is so good. As someone who wears multiple hats during the course of the day, this planner has provided me with the tool that I have been looking for to stay focused and organized. The layout is easy to use and I appreciate the additional spot for notes throughout the day.

Dan D.
United States United States

Perfect Planner

This planner is perfect. Not too busy with lots of room for notes. Just enough space for everything I need to keep me organized.

Sam D.
United States United States
Intentional Year

Thanks Sam! We're glad its working for you. Let us know if we can do anything else for you.


Update to 5 star!

Earlier review gave 4 stars because wanted some explanation about the Daily Rhythm section. Emailed company and got a reply very quickly from Chris solving my problem. The real problem turned out to be that I was so excited to use the planner that I took it out of box today and set on desk and started using immediately without looking at the back where the explanation for each section is.... I love this for weekly and daily planning-undated so don't waste days and allows me to use for a weekly plan as well and I appreciate the quick response!

Jennifer B.
United States United States

Love this Planner!

Bought two of these to get some new work projects organized - and my overall day flowing in a more productive manner. While I always have been a “list maker” this planner gives me room to be both task driven and also have plenty of room to for my “creative side” to outline and plan those types of projects. The paper is good, not worries there - and shipped to me fast. Two thumbs up!

Sandy T.
United States United States
Intentional Year

Thanks Sandy! We're so glad the planner is working well for you.


Perfect Daily Planner

Was introduced to this awesome daily planner as a way for my team to focus each day...however, I’ve found out I love using it myself! This thing is perfect for those that don’t feel like you have enough hours in the day but want to organize your thoughts in order to be productive! Affordable too. Love it!

United States United States

Fantastic framework for how to live with intention!

Going beyond the traditional...the planner's simplicity, focus and prioritization are brilliant. Time is our most scarce resource; the Intentional Year enables you to make the most of it.

Micah D.
United States United States

I love this!

I love the simplicity and the layout. I like that there is one page per day so I stay focused on today's tasks. When I fill it out each morning, it forces me to rank my tasks in priorities which keeps me on track throughout the day.

Eric .
United States United States

Ingenius Planner! So focused.

I love this planner! It has such an ingenious way of helping to sort out priorities for the day and I see accomplishments! I wear a lot of hats in my role, and it really helps me to stay focused on the most important things and have the most significant and important wins every day. Love this planner!

Hannah E.